Garage Door Repair Minneapolis

Garage Door Repair Minneapolis

Garage Door Maintenance

How long has it been since you last had the garage door maintained? Is it time for garage door maintenance in Minneapolis, Minnesota? Let’s talk. Let us discuss your needs and options. At our company, we offer maintenance plans to meet the needs of all customers. After all, not all garage doors are the same. But they all work better and last for long when they are maintained regularly by a trained tech. Would you like to have your garage door maintained annually? Perhaps, semi-annually? No worries. We can send a garage door repair Minneapolis tech whenever it suits you best, always on time, always well-equipped.

What’s included in the Minneapolis garage door maintenance?

Garage Door Maintenance MinneapolisWhen you entrust the Minneapolis garage door maintenance service to our company, you can be sure that the job is done thoroughly. The whole point of this service is to have the garage door inspected often so that its problems will be nipped in the bud. And so, the techs check and test everything. They check the cables, the spring tension, the balance of the garage door. They test the force and make sure the travel limits are set right – to ensure the garage door closes and opens all the way. They pay attention to the rollers, make sure the tracks are aligned, remove debris, and lubricate all moving parts. Of course, they remove old lube residues, focus on the safety features, run the garage door up and down several times, and fix minor problems. The garage door maintenance is done meticulously, every time.

Why choose us for the garage door maintenance service?

We dispatch techs skilled in garage door troubleshooting. Skilled in inspecting garage doors of any brand, size, and type. How is this important? They have the skills to identify the smallest, tiniest problems and so, fix them. They are also responsible pros, fully devoted to our clientele and so, inform you if the rollers, the springs, the tracks, or any other part is on its last leg and should be replaced. They show up on time, as scheduled, use quality lubricants, and do their work with precision.

Why sign up for garage door maintenance to start with?

Because even a minor garage door adjustment is important. When garage doors are not maintained or poorly maintained, they age faster. They get filthy, their lubes dry out, their parts wear and you won’t notice it until the springs break or the garage door comes off track. Wouldn’t it be best if the hardware was tightening regularly? If the garage door parts were checked and lubed from time to time? This way, the parts last longer. The garage door performs better and most importantly, safely. And since you won’t need repairs often, your expenses are reduced. Interested in talking further about your Minneapolis garage door maintenance? Call us.